How do I know which Solar System is right for me?

Every home is as different as the people who live in them. Brilliant Energy will provide an obligation-free home assessment and recommend the perfect Solar System for your needs.


Who is eligible for a Brilliant Energy Solar Contract?

To be eligible you must be:

  • Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Over 18 years of age
  • Own your own home
  • Have an existing electricity account


How much will it cost me?

Brilliant Energy installs and therefore owns the system on your roof. There is $0 cost to you only an immediate and ongoing saving on your electricity bill Please note: there is a minimum monthly charge, but this is usually much less than you will actually use.


Can I purchase the system?

You can purchase the system at any time for an agreed amount. The price of the system will depend on how long the system has been installed in your home. This effectively terminates the contract and any maintenance obligations.


What happens if I sell my house?

Answer: The new home (or business) owner can take over the Brilliant Energy contract and benefit from lower-priced electricity. Or, you can choose to purchase the system and incorporate it into the selling price of your home or building.


How often will I receive a Brilliant Energy bill?

Brilliant Energy will bill you quarterly, as per your existing energy retailer.


Can I terminate the contract?

Answer: Yes. You can terminate at any time by purchasing the Solar System from us at an agreed value at that time.


What if my Solar System stops working?

Brilliant Energy provides a 24/7 monitoring system and onsite maintenance as part of the contract.