Pay nothing for your
solar panel installation

This innovative approach has been around for some time already and has seen enormous success in the USA and the UK.

With Brilliant Energy you can now install a solar power PV system without having to bear the costs of purchase and installation. This effectively removes any financial discomfort, making the associated benefits and savings of solar accessible to every Australian home.

It may sound too good to be true but the concept is a simple one already entrenched in overseas markets, enabling many homes and businesses to overcome the primary hurdle in going solar – the up front capital cost.

Brilliant Energy own and maintain the system. You simply enjoy immediate savings, clean energy and only pay for the energy you consume at a 20% discount to your electricity rate.


We are in it together. Brilliant Energy own and maintain the Solar System on your roof. It costs you nothing, and because we only charge you for the energy you use (at the 20% discounted rate) we only make money when you save money. It truly is a win-win situation.

Here’s how it works:

We install the Solar System on your roof

You instantly save 20% on the energy you use

We monitor and service the system for FREE

We own the system so any maintenance required will be covered by us

If you move, we even help transfer the service to the new owner

Did we mention that you save 20% on your energy bill?


Please note: there is minimum monthly charge, but this is usually much less than you will actually use.


  1. Home Solar Assessment

    We’ll identify the right solar system for your home and energy requirements.

  2. Brilliant Energy Approval

    Our application process is quick and easy and usually you’ll have an approval within 24 hours.

  3. System Design and Installation

    Your Bright Energy Solar System is designed and installed FREE of charge, letting the savings straight away.

  4. Save 20% on your energy

    You enjoy a 20% saving on all energy you use from Brilliant Energy. Whatever the prevailing power price may be, you will always enjoy 20% discount off the rate.

Refer a friend and receive $100

If you think you know someone who would like to save 20% on their electricity bills

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